Generation of Peace initiative aimed at Yemen’s youth

23 Jan
A boy performs on stage at the USAID “Generation of Peace” opening ceremony on Saturday. Picture by Dorelyn Jose

Malak ShaherYemen Times


SANA’A, Jan. 21st – A new initiative called “Generation of Peace,” aimed at fostering understanding between 1000 youths from different backgrounds, was launched on Sunday.

The initiative is being held in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The “Generation of Peace” initiative aims at encouraging Yemeni youth to be more productive and constructive members of society.

To be conducted in training workshops, sports activities, and an art contest, the initiative’s activities are designed to help youths resolve existing conflicts and reduce the risk of future unrest and conflicts during Yemen’s transitional period. Workshop topics will include democratic processes, civic participation, community service, and tolerance.

“This initiative gives youths an opportunity to enhance relations in their society. This job is not only for officials’,” said Ahmad Al-Qubati, 23, from the Resonate Yemen institute.

“Such initiatives bring us together and make us understand each other. We should not work separately without knowing how the other side is working,” he said.

Nearly 300 youths from political coalitions and universities in Sana’a joined representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations as well as government and USAID representatives for the initiative’s opening ceremony.

“Today’s youth play an integral role in bringing about positive social change,” said USAID Technical Director Charles Swagman in a speech delivered at the ceremony. “This collaborative project will help maximize Yemeni youth’s potential to contribute to civil society and steer their country towards a bright future.”

“Generation of Peace” activities have been designed to encourage interaction, dialogue and to help promote an acceptance of differences among youth participants. “This job is not just for the officials; this is everybody’s job,” said Ahmad Al-Qubati, 23, from the Resonate Yemen Institute, a youth organization.

The initiative has been implemented through USAID’s Community Livelihoods Project (CLP). Working closely with the government, CLP focuses on agriculture and water, health, education, governance and economic empowerment in communities. Through the “Generation of Peace” activities, CLP will encourage youths to contribute in those fields that are vital to Yemen’s growth and stability.

It is hoped that the initiative will encourage participants to share knowledge acquired from their families and communities, as well as to be more positively engaged in the political process. The implementation of the initiative will be carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as local civil society organizations.

“I hereby tell our youth that this is the time to work together and achieve our ultimate goal, that of peacefully living together in a country that enjoys stability through our collective work,” said Mo’ammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Youth and Sports.

“For this purpose, we will support every work supporting an environment that builds the youth’s capacities and talents, and work with them for a generation free of violence.”


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