Questions remain for Sana’a University students

28 Nov

Malak Shaher

Yemen Times


Sana’a, Nov. 27 — Students of Sana’a University are worried about resuming study at the headquarters of Sana’a University, where protesters have been demanding an end to Saleh’s regime.

Arbil Nasr, a sophomore student at the Faculty of Languages, said that she is concerned as she does not know where she and her colleagues are going to study in the coming days.

The Student Union at Sana’a University and the Teachers’ Syndicate said yesterday that lessons at Sana’a University’s headquarters are to be resumed on Monday.

According to Ma’een Al-Towaity, a soldier with the defected First Armored Division, they were told they would be evacuating Sana’a University and other schools within the next month.

However, Khaled Tumaim, the President of Sana’a University, told state news agency Saba that studying would not resume until the soldiers had first evacuated the university.

“Study should not be involved in any kind of political conflict. I want to focus on my studies and I do not know if we are going to continue studying in tents or at Sana’a University,” said Nasr.

Since September, Sana’a University students have been studying in tents in Sa’wan as an alternative while the university is occupied by soldiers of the defected army.

The union and the syndicate said at an opening ceremony at the Faculty of Law and Order on Sunday that study should resume.

Khalil Al-Ma’mari from the Student Union said that both the union and the syndicate have given Sana’a University’s leadership two weeks to decide whether or not study will resume on the grounds of the university.

If they do not respond, the union and the syndicate of the teachers in Sana’a and Amran will hold elections to appoint new faculty deans, according to the Student Union.

Al-Ma’mari said that Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar, the leader of the defected first Armored Division, agreed to withdraw all soldiers from the university.

But to date, neither the presidency of Sana’a University nor the Student Union, who joined the revolution, have met to discuss a mechanism for resuming study.

“It has become a matter of conflict between the regime and the opposition. Each wants to make students study in the place they choose,” said Shady Yaseen, a junior student at Faulty of Mass Communication and member of the revolution.

Yaseen said that he would not be able to attend a lecture by professors who have been campaigning against revolutionaries.

“I respect everyone’s political affiliation but I cannot attend a lecture with a professor that has been against me as a revolutionary,” he said.


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