Generator giveaway at FunCity

19 Nov

Malak Shaher & Garnet Roach


SANA’A, Nov. 13 — Visitors to Sana’a’s FunCity amusement park won 12 generators during Eid Al-Adha as the capital continued to struggle with chronic power shortages.

The park gives away special prizes during the two Eids, and this year decided that generators would draw the most customers.

“Every year we give quilts, blankets and heaters as the cold weather looms but this year we assessed the need for power and decided to give generators away instead,” said a spokesperson from FunCity.

“We also distributed six electricity chargers that hold power when the electricity is on and can then light a lamp or power a TV when it goes off,” he said.

Each contestant had to pay YR 2,000 to enter the prize draw and be in with the chance to win one of two generators or a “power saver”, worth up to USD 450 (YR 96,400).

Nagat Al-Azani, a high school student who lives on Sixty Meter Street with her family, won a generator on Friday. Without a generator, they usually have just two or three hours of electricity a day. “My family is really happy for me as they can receive more hours of power now,” said Al-Azani.

A FunCity representative said that the generator promotion was successful enough to hold again if the electricity crisis continues.

Sana’a has seen severe power cuts since the popular uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 33-year rule began in February, with many homes and businesses forced to rely on generators or go up to 22 hours a day without electricity.

According to a Ministry of Electricity and Power report, Yemen’s power stations have suffered at least 64 attacks this year, with the Marib Gas Station, which provides 40 percent of Sana’a’s electricity, being specifically targeted.


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