President calls for presidential, parliamentary and local elections

27 Sep

Malak ShaherPublished:27-09-2011, Yemen Times

SANA’A, Sept. 25 — On his first speech after returning from his medical visit to Saudi Arabia,  came back from Saudi Arabia, President Ali Abdulla Saleh emphasized once more his will to transfer power but only through elections.

“This time I add to the Gulf Initiative requirement of presidential elections, to have parliamentary and even local elections,” he said in his recorded televised speech marking the 49th anniversary of the 26th September revolution.

Despite anticipation that Saleh would shed light on progress in the political dialogue or the way forward for Yemen, he limited his speech to thanking the US, Saudi Arabia and UAE among other ‘partners’ for their support to Yemen whether in terms of fighting terrorism or supporting his regime one way or another.

Addressing the current armed conflict in Yemen, Saleh condemned the killing and blamed the defecting generals, Al-Ahmar tribal family and the opposition coalition of the Joint Meeting Parties of causing the deaths of citizens.

“We call all the wise people to review their attitudes and to learn from what is happening,” he said.

Saleh added that results of the investigation into his attempted assassination on June 3rd will be reveled soon. And condemned more than once the islamists calling them Al-Qaeda and supporters of Al-Qaeda.

Although not revealing much, many Yemenis somehow anticipated that Saleh will not be announcing his resignation or that he is letting go of power although he did mention that the decree authorizing his deputy to negotiate and sign a deal with the opposition is still valid.

The Saudi newspaper; Okadh,anticipated in its recent issue that President Saleh would suggest solutions for the situation among which was conducting early elections before the end of his term in 2013

Abdulla Abu Al-Ghaith, professor at Sana’a University said that the gulf initiative is the only solution for Yemen’s crises.  Al-Ghaith said that the only way the initiative would be implemented is only if Saleh is able to overcome pressure from his own family who are not eager to let go of power.

Muhammad Al-Nuwaira, a Yemeni citizen loyal to the regime agreed with the rhetoric of the president saying that the only solution for Yemen is when the wise men in the political parties put Yemen’s stability as the priority.

“We do not want more killing from any side,”  he said.

However, Change Square protestors in Sana’a disagree and see that Saleh is being Saleh and that he is just wasting time.

“It is getting very violent and some protestors especially those from tribal areas who are used to carrying arms might be tempted to using force to get achieve their aims if Saleh does not allow peaceful transition of power,” one of them warned.


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