Twelve year-old first victim of violent protests in Ibb

10 Mar
Omar Abdulrahman
Photo by News Yemen
Malak Shaher, Yemen Times
SANA’A, March 9 – Violent clashes between pro and anti-government demonstrators left dozens injured and at least one protester dead in Ibb governorate, 150 km south of Sana’a, on Sunday.The casualty, twelve year old Omar Abdulrahman, was shot in the back and died from his injuries in hospital the following day, according to NewsYemen website. At least 20 others were wounded, two critically, after government loyalists raided the protesters’ sit-in and opened fire on Sunday, according to a local councilman.The death raises the number of people killed since the beginning of the demonstrations in Yemen to 28. The majority of those killed have been anti-government protesters in the southern port city of Aden.“I was at my home when I heard the fire. Immediately I called my son and asked him to come back,” said Hana Muhammad, a local, who lives in a house relatively far away from the area of demonstrations.

Before the clashes broke out the pro-Saleh loyalists were chanting, “Yes for development! Yes for stability,” while the anti-government group was calling for president Saleh to step down to“allow for change.” Hana said her son was in the demonstration and he saw pro-Saleh supporters waving pictures of the president and attacking the protesters with clubs before the shooting started.

On Tuesday protests were held in 12 governorates across Yemen, organised by the Joint Meeting Parties, an opposition coalition of six parties, in response to the violent crackdown on Sunday.

Tens of thousands once again took to the streets of Ibb calling on the government to prosecute those responsible for Sunday’s attack. Women threw candy to the protesters from the roofs of their houses, witnesses said.

Last week Saleh appeared on state TV ordering security forces not to shot at demonstrators and asking the protesters to remain “peaceful and civilized”.


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