Yemen’s got talent,

9 Sep
Malak Shaher
Yemen Times


“I can make a difference in people’s lives by making them laugh”

According to his friends, Haitham Al-Haidari, 20,  is “super funny.” To share his gift, he  presents at open days and parties. He also likes computer design and adores break- dancing.

“I have lately been doing a lot of standup comedy shows,” he told the Yemen Times. “I like cheering people up because I feel I can make a difference in their life by making them laugh. Before I start imitating people or mocking some social habits, I prefer to mock myself first so that they feel comfortable listening to me.”

Haitham’s friends say that they really like they way he “shoots” jokes and that he is a very funny person, as he has the talent of imitating people’s accents. As he is fluent in English, he likes presenting in English, but can also do so in Arabic. Somtimes he mixes both.

Haitham says that he himself is a mix of everything: “Originally, I am from Taiz,” he said. “I live in Sana’a and like to go to Aden every now and then. You can say I am like a mix of everything. But, I am pure Yemeni.”

The 20-year-old said that the money he earns from his comic shows goes towards helping people.

“Last time I presented a comic show was at Amideast Yemen, and the money went to the profit of children who have cancer.”

Haitham is performing some comedy shows after Eid.

Right now the comic and break dancer’s is reaching for the stars. He wants to study astrophysics abroad.

Haitham, who peppered his interview with funny comments, said goodbye in his own way.

“Bye,” said the Yemen Times

“Bye no problemoo,” he replied. “This is Japanese accentoo.”

The Yemen Times profiles young Yemenis with talent. If you are talented or know a young Yemeni who is, please send an email to


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