Yemen’s got talent

2 Sep
“It is not necessary to be an artist to feel the beauty of life”
Malak Shaher
Yemen Times


Nabil Al-Qanes, 24, is a young Yemeni cartoonist, promising poet, and short story writer.

Nabil, when did you discover your passion for drawing?
I started before I enrolled in school. My father used to draw simple drawings, although he was not a professional. I was so attracted to drawing that I kept everything he drew. I used to focus on every single line and draw it again. However, my talent was polished by the passage of time.

You said you like cartoons more than drawing. Why?
I like it more because it is a sarcastic art, treating a major issue with a simple sketch, and it has a great effect on people.

I have participated in four cartoon exhibitions at Sana’a University and one at the Culture House in Sana’a. I got three awards form Sana’a University, as one of the best participants in two of the exhibitions and the best participant in the last exhibition in 2008.

In 2008, I took a course in cartooning at the Yemeni Association for Developing Arts and Culture.

You told me that you also write short stories.
Yes. I write short stories and I got third place in a short story competition held at Sana’a University.

I was nominated to leave for Saudi Arabia to participate in a cultural scientific event for  Yemeni universities at the King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

I also write poems. I am now working to publish two collections of poems


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